Souhl Center is a School of Universal Higher Learning.  It is a place where you can grow and evolve from wherever you are personally at physically, mentally/emotionally and Spiritually.

It is Universal because everything we teach and do applies to all of us regardless of who we are or where we may have come from.  If you are ready, willing and able to take the next step on your personal and Spiritual Journey, explore these pages and see if what we offer resonates with you.

Deepen your spiritual growth.  Learn to Walk the Path of the Warrior(ess), Natural Healer, and Priestess/Spiritual Guide

How well and balanced is your physical and energetic being?  How well do you know your own body?  How do you feel in your body?  What are your breathing patterns like ... your body armouring ... how are your organs and your muscles, tendons etc?   The body never lies ... learn to access your own inner wisdom through your body. 

Transformation ... true change ... begins with developing the ability to see our true reflection first.  When distorted, we do not see reality, our life situations and all that is around us with clarity.  When distorted, the Essence of who and what we have the potential to be is clouded and our lives reflect that on many levels.  Deepen your personal growth ... reach your potential.

Local as well as long-distance Souhl Counsel and Souhl Counsel programs are available to support you with this work ... please see the Souhl Counsel page under Services ....

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Unifying ourselves with the Universal truths which lie within and all around us.

Experience freedom from chronic holding patterns in your body, mind and emotions ...  Free Yourself from the inside out!   Increase your levels of energy, vitality and health.

Embark on a Spiritual Path:   Learn to Walk the Way of the Warrior(ess), Natural Healer and Priestess/spiritual guide

Deepen your level of Mental/Emotional

BAlance, control & harmony